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We support governments and regulators in their investments in blockchain advancement, to drive innovation and to provide a platform for academia to collaborate and exchange knowledge for stronger impact.

Founded in 2023, the UK Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UK CBT) researches the effects of Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain on our socio-economic systems and promotes the safe and organic development and adoption of Blockchain-based platforms. The centre is the nucleus for DLT and Blockchain research and engagement across the UK and for its Research and Industry Associate network. 

At UK CBT, we have extensive experience in blockchain research and maintain strong ties with prominent universities in the UK. Our Research and Industry Associate community consists of over 270+ researchers and practitioners from prestigious academic institutions and companies utilising DLT.

For regulators and government stakeholders

We act as a go-to organisation, providing expertise and guidance on blockchain-related matters
Through collaborative initiatives, we partner with regulators to define measurement strategies, establish industry standards, and drive responsible adoption. We do this using our cutting-edge blockchain research capabilities, advanced knowledge and experience. 

For industry leaders

We provide collaboration opportunities, raise awareness, and secure private funding for blockchain projects
We forge partnerships with industry associations, companies, and key stakeholders, taking part and organising events and workshops to showcase our expertise and facilitate knowledge exchange.

For universities and research centers

We foster collaborations and drive innovation
We establish funding programs to support blockchain research projects, foster academic collaborations, and develop programs and workshops to equip students and researchers with blockchain skills and knowledge.

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