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The leading national hub for blockchain innovation and expertise.

Welcome to UK CBT, the national hub for blockchain innovation and expertise in the UK. Our vision is to drive the development and deployment of blockchain technologies, fostering trust, collaboration, and innovation in the digital era.

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Leading the Blockchain Revolution in the UK

At the UK CBT, our mission is to advance the national agenda for blockchain by bringing together universities, industry partners, and government stakeholders. Through research, education and collaboration we aim to accelerate the adoption of blockchain, empower stakeholders, and position the UK as a global leader in blockchain technologies.

Our values


We foster an environment of continuous learning, exploration, and creative problem-solving in the blockchain space.


We believe in the power of partnerships and a circular model of collaboration among government, industry, universities and developers to drive blockchain development and adoption.


We promote open and transparent practices in blockchain research, governance, and implementation.


We prioritise building trust in society and business through blockchain technologies.

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